Posted by: MaraPurl | August 10, 2011

Blog Tour Visit #5: Works in Progress


  1. It seems to me that researching the market is one of the essential traits for any successful writer, and yet most of us lack that important quality…and/or feel we do not have the time to attend to this important detail. Yet if we can research historical background, research our characters habits, research the right way to work with words, then surely we can learn to research the markets for our work. I’m preaching to myself here!

  2. What fun to visit the Bellekeep Books website. I’m anxious to see how this new imprint will unfold in the world of women’s fiction…and I’m truly cheering on Mara and her associates.

    • Bellekeep is small for now, but what a wonderful company it is because of the people who are at the helm. Yes, it’ll be so interesting to see how they grow! And when they open their doors to new authors, of course, you know who I’m pulling for. . . .

  3. Mara,
    What a surprise to discover the nice things you had to say about me. I know I had a lot of fun preparing your blog. So I am thrilled to know you liked it.

    Thank you and Wishing you much success,

    Betty Carlton

    • Thank you Betty! I love the sense of community we get to help build thanks to these wonderful social media tools. Yet, without imagination and generosity, these tools wouldn’t mean much. So . . . thanks again!

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