Posted by: MaraPurl | August 2, 2011

Blog Tour Visit #2: National Association of Baby Boomer Women

Today I have the distinct honor of being the featured guest at the National Association of Baby Boomer Women— Director Anne Holmes (“Boomer in Chief”, as she’s titled) asked me a series of intriguing questions as the second stop on my national blog tour. You can find it by clicking the pink “BLOG” button in the upper right, or by clicking on this link. I’ll also be featured in Anne’s monthly newsletter at

So what’s a Boomer woman? A woman born between 1946 and 1964. Why is this group of people so interesting? First of all, because we number 35 million. Second, because we keep redefining ourselves, which turns out to be handy both in terms of a tough economy, and in terms of transforming the whole aging process.

Anne was actually interested in the subject back in her college days, and wrote a Masters Thesis on communicating with the older generation—a group to which she couldn’t, at the time, imagine ever belonging. We had a good laugh about that one. Remember the Simon & Garfunkle lyric, “How terribly strange to be seventy?” Well, we’ll get there one of these decades. Anne had already founded the website when an opportunity arose to purchase, founded ten years earlier by a clever, intuitive empty-nester.

These days, the millions of boomer women in the U.S. are among the most successful, creative, dynamic, driven, and healthy groups of people ever to walk the planet. We own more property, have founded more businesses, have hired more employees, and created more works of all kinds than any group of women before us.

How do we accomplish all this? I think one way is through the encouragement and inspiration available because of a woman like Anne Holmes and all she and her many colleagues are doing at NABBW. Their website is so full of information it’s a library unto itself.

Another thing on which Anne and I agree wholeheartedly is that it’s about our choices. “They’re so significant!” Anne chimed. “Keep having a project, a goal, something to do, something to challenge your mind. Keep yourself motivated.” What’s my most fervent wish for my readers? That I help keep you motivated and inspired. That’s what you do for me.

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